New CD progress

Competed the drum tracks for my new EP. Heard the rough rhythm tracks…great work by Tony Franklin. Sent the first 2 songs off to guitar monster Joel Hoekstra
Cannot wait to hear the finished product….pretty trippy grooves…rock on.

Update Feb. 2013

I have been recording scratch drum tracks for a new 5 song CD. Great players fun tunes. Groove rock instrumentals. I hit the studio in mid March to record my actual tracks. Look out for videos as well as song samples. More info to follow.


I have been writing tons of double bass drumming exercises. Several will be published in upcoming Modern Drummer magazines. Breaking in my new Ludwig Atlas Pro double pedals in the process. Hands down, they are simply the best pedal I have ever played!

New Article

Check out the June 2012 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine for another one of my double bass drum lessons.